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Julie & Julia

This comes out August 7th!  I can not wait as my mom will be here visiting..We can see it together.  My mother loved Julia Child, had her cookbooks and I remember watching Julia when I was small.   She made me smile; I loved her!

The movie looks interesting and Meryl Streep is playing Julia Child....Yay!

My Birthday...Thank You everyone!

Thank you so much everyone for all your birthday well wishes...it really made my day. 

Also, a special thanks to celticheart531  for my lovely basket of flowers and to inlaterdays  for my beautiful bouquet of tulips.  That was very thoughtful.  Thank you so much.

I can not believe that I am forty-three today...where did the time go?  I still feel like I am in my mid twenties. 

I will write more later...I am getting ready for the long 4th of July weekend.  We are heading off to my sisters lake house tomorrow.

Thanks again...and have a Happy and safe 4th of July weekend!



My New Etsy Shop

I have twenty nine items listed...tons more to go and more stuff to create but the link below is my Etsy shop.

Etsy is a great website of handmade items, vintage and antique items and supplies. I even bought some awesome custom cat collars from a designer. They were less expensive than the 'Made in China' collars that you get at your petstore and were so much better. You can find handmade soaps, treats and all kinds of wonderful items. You can even have custom wedding invitations made at a great price...So check Etsy out--even if jewelry or my jewelry is not your thing, there are many wonderful handmade items to see and perhaps be inspired by. It is pretty much a self promoting site so I am shamelessly plugging my shop here, hope you all do not mind. Click on the photos for more info:

Buy Handmade
I am admiring some cool jewelry designs and I noticed (since I make jewelry) that a lot of people are calling such designs SteamPunk. Anyone know what it is, how it started...etc...I am curious to know more about it.

I found this on youtube but I want to know more:

Our Adopted New Kitties: Gonzo and Fozzie

As of Thursday, we are the proud owners of two, three month old kittens. They are domestic shorthair brown Tabby cats.

I truly do love their names as I loved "The Muppet Show" but I personally would have also loved to name these two brothers Niles and Frasier ::hehe:: But my son's VETO had all the power. One is the largest of the litter while the other is the smallest...these babies are best buddies and get into just about anything...they are fur balls of energy. They are also snuggle love bugs. They are so much fun and crack us all up all the time. My son is in heaven since they been sleeping with him in his room.

The photos below are taken in my son's bedroom (they are usually so active it is hard to catch them for a photo opportunity in natural light).

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